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How would you feel if...

You could walk past your bathroom mirror and get a burst of confidence as you take notice of the lean and fit person on the other side.

You could be excited for your next milestone birthday, knowing you are in the best shape of your life, and that you have decades of healthy years ahead.  

You were excited to see pictures of yourself tagged on Facebook or Instagram, rather than dreading another friend posting a picture of you.

You could enjoy one of the most delicious meals you ever had worry-free, knowing that the food you were eating was actually good for you.

You could have a big lunch and feel a surge of energy that allowed you to stay focused at work or with the kids, instead of wanting to take a nap just to get you through the day.  

You could sleep deeply through the entire night and jump out of bed the next day full of energy and clarity. 

You could get excited about buying new clothes or picking out your new suit or dress for a friend's upcoming wedding. 

You could fit into your favorite clothes that you haven't worn in months or possibly years. 

You never had to turn down an invite to an outdoor gathering again due to anxiety about what you are going to wear or look like. 

We want you to experience all of these things, and that's why we created the Superhuman 40 Challenge.


What is the Superhuman 40?

The Superhuman 40 Challenge is a 40-day nutrition and lifestyle overhaul to help you burn fat, build muscle, and look and feel superhuman.  

Unlike most diet challenges out there, the Superhuman 40 is not your traditional “eat less, exercise more” weight loss advice.  You won't have to rely on willpower and starving yourself only to see the weight come off at a painfully slow rate.

We talk to so many people that have had tried new diets only to quit after the first week.  Others will stick with their plan for an extended period of time, but eventually they hit a point where they plateau and realize the path they were on wasn't sustainable.

It’s time for a different approach to fat loss and getting in shape.

This approach has changed the lives of hundreds of people from stay-at-home moms, to former high school and college athletes, to busy professionals and business owners.  Here are just a few of our Superhuman transformations from our 2015 Challenges:

Alan lost nearly 25 lbs of fat in 40 days!


Lekita lost 12 lbs and 2 dress sizes!


Megan lost 9 inches and got in the best shape of her life!

mugs tire flip crossfit

January 4th, 2016 our next round of Superhumans will be transformed. Will you be one of them?


What can you expect in our program vs. other diets out there?

  • No more counting calories or weighing your food.
  • No more restricting yourself to bland and tasteless food. (Say bye to dry, extra-lean chicken breasts!)
  • No more slaving away on a treadmill or elliptical for hours on end.
  • Learn how eating more calories and fat can actually turn you into a fat burning machine.
  • Learn which health foods you are currently eating that are sabotaging your fat loss efforts.
  • Upgrade your life to a level of health and fitness you never knew possible. This goes way beyond just losing a few pounds. 


How the Superhuman 40 Challenge Started

Back in May 2011, I put myself through the first ever superhuman paleo challenge.  At the time, I didn’t refer to it as a “superhuman” challenge, nor did I have any idea that a challenge of this type would be something that others would actually participate in with me in the future.  I honestly thought that this would be something that I would do personally for 45 days, and hopefully see pretty good results, but probably return to most of my old eating habits once the 45 days were completed.  The principles supporting paleo (eating food that has been around for millions of years), made sense to me intuitively, but I never could have imagined the dramatic impact that eating this way could have had on all areas of my life and the lives of others.

My motivation to start the challenge came from being fed up with not being able to lose the last 5-15 lbs, despite being active and eating healthy my entire life.  Being 25 years old at the time, I was not willing to see the best years of my life wasted away without realizing my true physical potential.  I was also sick and tired of being a slave to food.  Despite eating every 2-3 hours and consuming large amounts of food, I was always hungry.  I would plan my entire day around food and making sure I would never go more than a few hours without it.  Food and nutrition became my obsession for all the wrong reasons.

Within the initial 2-3 weeks of my first paleo challenge, I remember feeling a way that I had never felt before.  I remember seeing fat drop off areas of my stomach that I thought would never go away.  Areas that I assumed were just part of my body type.  I remember going hours without thinking or worrying about food, despite eating less food overall.  I remember feeling lighter and leaner, as if I had been unknowingly bloated for the last 25 years.  I remember a mental clarity that made writing and focusing feel effortless.  I remember my skin clearing up for the first time in over 10 years.  The best part was, once I got the hang of shopping and cooking, the rest of it felt easy.  I actually looked forward to all the food I got to eat, and it tasted better than all the “healthy” crap I was eating before.

transformation superhuman 40 challenge (1)

The only way I could sum up all these amazing things I was experiencing was with one word...SUPERHUMAN.  And that realization, is how the first Superhuman Challenge was born.

Since that original challenge, hundreds of friends, family, Living Superhuman followers, and CrossFit Palm Beach members have participated in the Superhuman Challenge.

We have seen amazing transformations from all different kinds of people including…

Chelsea's Superhuman Transformation:

"My mother died with heart disease 3 years ago at age 62. My grandmother had heart disease. Her sister died from heart disease. My Great Grandmother had heart disease. All of the women before me mentioned also suffered from digestive issues, high blood pressure, thyroid issues, reproductive issues, and crippling anxiety.

As I reached the age of 35 last year, I decided I must do something to try and change my destiny as I had been experiencing the digestive, hormonal, and anxiety aspect of my heritage for the last decade.

The biggest accomplishments of the 40 day challenge for me were eliminating several bad habits that I was having trouble getting past, and encompassing new ones. I have learned to live life without artificial sweeteners. The daily glass of wine that always turned into two or three has ceased. I learned to shop and find organics with ease, enjoy the benefits(and taste) of grass-fed beef and organically raised chickens, cook with wonderful healthy oils, and enjoy food combinations I never knew existed.

I sleep soundly and no longer rely on anxiety medications to get me through a trying week. Regularly before, my weight would fluctuate sometimes as much as 7 pounds in a day. I no longer have that issue. All this time I had thought it was normal!

The past 40 days have also been the most improved in strength and personal records of my CrossFit training despite going the same amount of days as before the challenge. I can climb the rope! I can do pull‐ups!I can run two miles!
I have never felt nor looked better. I enjoy the new found ability to be strong physically and mentally.

My son calls me a super hero. My family and friends have been saying how inspirational I am to not only take charge of my health but to achieve the goals of fitness that I set out to make.

I feel extremely blessed to have had their support and to have met and joined everyone at CrossFit Palm Beach. I look forward to continuing this journey for the rest of my life, and better yet actively reversing a cycle of bad family habits and health."  - Chelsea B. 


Patrick who has now lost a total of 25 lbs while crushing CrossFit workouts!


My brother Tony who conquered his acid reflux and IBS and broke free from a lifelong sentence of Prilosec!

transformation superhuman 40 challenge (2)

My Sister-in-law Shannon who got in the best shape of her life months AFTER her son was born.


And many more...



With each Superhuman 40 Challenge, the transformations get bigger and better.  This one will be our biggest and best yet!  On Monday, January 4th, we will be launching our 2016 Superhuman 40 Challenge.

Here are just some of the bonuses you will receive when you sign-up!

The Newest Superhuman Challenge Guide and Bonus Material – This ebook reveals exactly what to eat and what not eat to get the body you have always wanted.  It includes our step-by-step system for designing meals and customizing them to your goals as well as simply recipes that are impossible to mess up.

Weekly Email Updates and Support – This is an exclusive email list for Challenge participants ONLY. We will provide detailed solutions to the most common stumbling blocks each week so you can make adjustments in real time and maximize your results over the 40 days.

Fan Favorite!  Access to the Superhuman Challenge Private Facebook Group – This will also be exclusive to Challenge participants ONLY. A great place to go to for accountability and support, share recipe ideas, or look for inspiration.  This group will remind you that you are not alone on your journey and that anything is possible.


The cost for the challenge including all the bonuses is $69!  Sign up below to reserve your spot!

Sign up by midnight on Friday, January 1st and you will receive everything we listed above for a special price of only $49!  Also, we believe so confidently that you will see results, that if you don't noticeably look and feel better after the first 2 weeks, we will refund you the entire cost of the program.  No questions asked.